We offer tailored transport solutions for oversize, heavy or challenging cargo as well as the complete documentation and permits for the transportation. We bring you innovative and flexible solutions.

Max Loads provides a high-performance fleet specialized in transportation, delivering and handling of a diverse range of oversized cargo.


  • Oversized constructions
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Naval and aerospace components
  • Military equipment
  • Oil & Gas modules
  • Wind turbines, turbines, silos

Thorough documentation and planning of every detail regarding the specifics and needs of your transport, by professionals who will promptly handle your information requests.

Loading and unloading services using state-of-the-art tools, warehousing and transportation, by an operational management that is performed rigorously by experienced specialists in the delivery and installation of echipment, high value goods and oversized transport, thus ensuring on-time and secure transportation of your goods.

For our clients, we organize and obtain permits and escorts for all type of oversized transport in Romania and Hungary, and also through our partners in other countries like Serbia or Greece.  We are in permanent contact with the road authorities to identify temporary restrictions, to be able to offer our client the best price / quality ratio. For big cargo we are able to organize police escort. Additionally, we also have our own escort vehicles equipped as per all legal requirements and experienced employees ready to escort your truck in Romania and Hungary. Also provided is legal expertise of your oversized transport, obtaining of permits and the transport insurance through insurance policies.